Glogal Design Award


Congratulations! Royal Roi Hotel has won several design awards.

  -Interior Architecture | Hotels/ Spas/ Restaurants/ Bars 

  A magnificent indoor waterfall welcomes visitors when they step into the lobby; the matching linear gratings and ceilings of titanium-plated mirrors deliver a warm and expansive feeling.

IF design award_2IF design award_1

  - Interior Design | Hotels & Resorts

  This hotel is located in Taichung, Taiwan, neighboring one of the major circular elevated expressways. In order to solve the problems of wind noise from vehicles and sun exposure to the west, the design concept of “island-hopping-style tree decoration” gradually formed. A resort in the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the dust but close to the city’s special atmosphere.

MUSE (1)
MUSE (2)

  - Official Selection in Build (architecture) | Professional

  The “island-hopping-style tree decoration” forms a unique interplay of light and shadow, with a private bath with a beautiful view. A city resort away from the hustle and bustle of the world.



  - Honorable Mention in Interior Design - Living Space

LIV (1)LIV (2)

The affirmation of the awards let the world see the beauty of Royal Roi Hotel.

The affirmation of tourists is the driving force for our continuous progress.

The hotel provides a quiet and comfortable resting environment.

Invite travelers enjoy a relaxing bath time with the stunning sunset and bustling night scenery.